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Lecture: 'Australian Theatre - Indigenous Culture Meets Modern Theatre' / Part of the SPT × ITI Lecture series "Learn About Theatre Around the World!"

26 March 2013

It has been 225 years since the British arrived in Australia and just over a century since federation. Naturally, a young country like Australia does not have a long theatrical tradition.  For many years, theatre in Australia was strongly influenced by the British tradition.  Australia’s home-grown theatrical culture eventually emerged at the end of the 1960s thanks to a number of small theatre movements.   At the same time, the theatre traditions of Australia’s Indigenous peoples – who have inhabited the continent for tens of thousands of years – began to transform Australian theatre into something much more interesting.  The lecture will introduce examples of exciting modern Australian theatre productions that have been influenced by Indigenous culture, including text-based plays, musicals and multimedia performances.

Date: 19:00-21:00, Tuesday 26 March

Lecturer: Keiji Sawada

Fee: 1,000 yen

Venue: Seminar Room A, Setagaya Arts Center, 5th floor, Carrot Tower (near Sangenjaya station on the Tokyu line)

Number of places: 25 (Applications will close once all places have been filled)

Application: Setagaya Public Theatre (03-5432-1526, http://setagaya-pt.jp/)

The lecture is a part of “Learn About Theatre Around the World!” series, the result of collaboration between Setagaya Public Theatre (SPT) and the International Theatre Institute (ITI). This series has three main themes: “theatre and society”, “theatre around the world” and “global communication through theatre.”

The lecturer, Keiji Sawada, is a professor at Waseda University (theatre studies/cultural research) and a translator. He has written a number of publications on Australian theatre and is a winner of Yuasa Yoshiko award for translation of foreign-language stage plays.

Lecture: 'Australian Theatre - Indigenous Culture Meets Modern Theatre' / Part of the SPT × ITI Lecture series "Learn About Theatre Around the World!"
Other Information

Sponsored by Setagaya Arts Foundation / Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute

Organised by Setagaya Public Theatre / Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute

Cooperation by Asahi beer / Toray

We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding this event.

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