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Grant Recipients 2007 - 08



Recipient Title Description Approval Value *

Economics and Trade

Dr Jenny Corbett, Director, Australia-Japan Research Centre, ANU The AJF- ANU Distinguished Visiting Fellow.

Support for the inaugural Fellowship program for a distinguished Japanese academic or policy maker at the Australian National University, Canberra. The recipient will carry out a research or a practical project on Australia-Japan relations at the ANU for a period of up to a year (minimum 3 months).

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6-Dec-07 $110,000
Dr Jenny Corbett, Director Australia-Japan Research Centre, ANU. AJF- Australia Japan Research Centre "Crawford- Nishi" lecture series

The inaugural lecture series in Australia by a distinguished Japanese public figure on topics of current interest in the Australia-Japan relationship.

The "Crawford-Nishi" Lecture Series commemorates the pioneering efforts by Sir John Crawford and Japan' first Ambassador to Australia, HE Haruhiko

Nishi (1952-55) to encourage the development of Australia-Japan trade.

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6-Dec-07 $16,500
Professions Australia Young Professionals Exchange - Health and Ageing.

The establishment of an Australia-Japan Young Professionals' Network for the Health Professions - Health and Ageing Populations, and a symposium in Australia to discuss current and emerging health and ageing issues in Australia and Japan.

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6-Dec-07 $66,000
Mr Allan Burgess, President, Australian Dairy Farmers Association Participation in Japan Australia Business Cooperation Symposium on food and energy security to be held in Tokyo on 27 May 08.

Travel grant.

6-Dec-2007 Under $10,000
Business South Australia Business South Australia - 2007 Export Awards.

Support for the South Australian business association's award ceremony focusing on Australian exporters to Japan as part of the 50th anniversary of the Commerce Agreement.

16 August 2007 $5,500
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research, University of Melbourne Australia-Japan business opinion poll and research report

A body of research on Australian business attitudes to Japan to follow-up surveys undertaken by the AJF in 1991 and 2000, and to provide a benchmark for future AJF business surveys.

30-May-08 $97,900
Dr Kent Anderson, Japanese Studies Association of Australia, ANU. 50th Anniversary of the Australia-Japan Commerce Agreement dinner hosted by the ANU.

The anniversary dinner was held at Parliament House, Canberra, on 3 July 2007.

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22-May-07 $15,000
Dr Leon van Schaik, RMIT Innovation Professor of Architecture RMIT - New Trends in Architecture Symposium.

The funds supported a visit to Australia by Japanese architect, Mr Taira Nishizawa, as part of the biennial travelling exhibition held at RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall on 20 - 28 June 2007. The aim was to promote an international exchange of innovative and diverse architectural ideas and practices, and public discourse on architecture with associated public events, symposia and workshops.

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22-May-07 $10,000
World Skills Australia. Worldskills Olympics.

Support for Australian and Japanese delegations to attend international and national trade competitions in each other's country.

22-May-07 $95,000
Dr Jenny Corbett, Director, Australia-Japan Research Centre. ANU - Australian Network of Economists

To build a network of economists based in Australia who research the economy of Japan. The aim is to provide links between specialists, to create a forum for discussion of research work and to provide venues and opportunities for conferences and workshops.

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22-May-07 $40,000
Mr Manuel Panagiotopoulos 2008 Australia-Japan business survey and monograph

Business survey and published report on the current status and future directions of the Australia-Japan commercial relationship.

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15-May-08 $44,000

Security, Regional and International Relations

Professor Bill Tow, Dept of International Relations, ANU ANU Regional Security Architecture Workshop

Participation by six Japanese experts in a four-day workshop, Emerging Australia-Japan Security Cooperation: A Catalyst for Strategic Rivalry or Regional Order-Building? convened by ANU Canberra and Sydney on 31 March - 4 April 08.

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16-Aug-07 $22,000
Dr Malcolm Cooke, Lowy Institute. Seminar Lowy Institute - Japan Australia Relations into the 21st Century held in Sydney in May 2007.

The Lowy Institute hosted a conference on 12 October 2007 to analyse the Australian and Japanese Governments decision to launch free trade agreement negotiations and to sign the Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation.

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22-May-07 $26,500

Education and Science

Otemon Gakuin University, Japan Australian Resource Collection - Digital Database

The development of a digital database for the Australian Resource Collection at Australia Library at Otemon Gakuin University, Japan.

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6-Dec-07 $58,000
Japanese post-graduate scholars (TBA). AJF Sir Neil Currie Australian Studies Awards

AJF Sir Neil Currie Awards provide up to six scholarships in three categories: post-graduate; curriculum development and publication.

16-Aug-07 Combined total value of $100,000
Professor Masami Sekine
President, Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ)
Capacity building for Australian Studies Association of Japan.

The establishment of a periodic lecture series on Australia for Japanese postgraduate students across social science disciplines. Comprises $35,000 - the Open Lecture Series (to attract high quality lecturer in Japan and one or two prominent lecturers from Australia; and $10,000 - Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ) National Conference 08 to be held at Otemon Gakuin University, Osaka in June 08.

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6-Dec-07 $45,000
Questacon National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra Questacon-Japan Exchange.

A program of four activities to mark Questacon's 20th Anniversary in 08:

  1. Karakuri Ningyo Technology Exchange: workshops and lectures at Questacon by a master of traditional Karakuri mechanical dolls to demonstrate this traditional craft and its relationship to contemporary robotic technologies.
  2. Science Performers Exchange: workshops and presentations at Questacon which provide an opportunity for show presenters/performers to share approaches and co-develop science shows/presentations for use in both Australia and Japan.
  3. Questacon Smart Moves Invention Convention: with Japanese student participants
  4. Gala 20 Year Anniversary Event at Questacon: high level Australian and Japanese representatives of government, business and the community.

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6-Dec-07 $132,000
CSIRO Division of Mathematical and Information Sciences. Bilateral collaboration for the development of innovative tools in ecological management.

The project seeks to provide the knowledge-base that will inform future strategies in conservation and sustainable use of ecological and environmental assets, particularly in marine zones around Australia, such as the Great Barrier Reef. It will advance and promote a common technical framework and approach to monitoring, modelling and managing biodiversity.

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6-Dec-07 $44,000
University of Tokyo, Centre for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS). Australian Studies Chair, University of Tokyo.

Support for Visiting Professor in Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo, including Australian library materials, a program of public lectures and settling-in costs for the new incumbent.

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6-Dec-07 $25,000
Professor Milton Hearn, ARC Special Research Centre for Green Chemistry, Monash University. Green Chemistry Forum.

Forum on Australian Research Advances In Green Chemistry; New Opportunities For Sustainable Industry to be held in Tokyo in March 08.

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6-Dec-07 $33,000
Hokkaido University and Murdoch University. Joint Research into Parasite of Plant Agriculture.

The project will facilitate a new Australia-Japan research partnership between Murdoch University and Hokkaido University to investigate the control of a major parasite of Australian and Japanese plant agriculture.

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6-Dec-07 $20,000
Professor Alison Tokita, Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University. Australia-Japan Research Collaboration: Area Studies Mirrored.

Established and emerging Japanese researchers of contemporary issues in Australian Studies will spend an extended period of time in Australia for fieldwork and collaborative research with Australian scholars.

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6-Dec-07 $11,550
Dr Daniel James, Griffith University. Emerging technology exchange for the development of monitoring systems for sporting applications.

Joint research and collaboration between Griffith University and Keio University on technologies in the design and manufacture of wireless networks miniaturised sensors and signal processing for use in elite sports.

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6-Dec-07 $19,800
Ryebuck Media Australian secondary school curriculum materials on the Australia-Japan relationship.

Rybuck Media will research, write and publish three 12-page curriculum units about the bilateral relationship in four editions of the curriculum magazine STUDIES.

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6-Dec-07 $52,800
Professor Kate Darian-Smith, International Australian Studies Association (In ASA) Australian Studies Chair, Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo

Recruitment of the 08-09 Visiting Professor in Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo.

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16-Aug-07 $15,000 (TBC)
Otemon Gakuin University, Japan Australian Resource Collection

Annual donation of Australian resource material to the AJF Australian Resource Collection (library) at Otemon Gakuin University, Japan.

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16-Aug-07 $10,000
Administered by AJF Tokyo Discover Eco Australia

Discover Eco Australia (DEA) is an interactive multi-media product launched in 2005 which promotes Australia's approaches to conservation of the environment. Promotional activities involve the distribution of Discover Eco material ($14,000) and outreach to Japanese environment centres, including through an 'Australian Caravan' at local environment study centres ($8000).

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16-Aug-07 $22,000
Mr Leon Wolff, Australia-Japan Network of Law. Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales Future leaders in Australian Japanese law.

A collaborative project between Australian and Japanese young lawyers to build networks and to hold joint seminars.

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22-May-07 $30,000
Mr Stephen Cutting, ER Productions Pty Ltd Talkback Classroom - Australia-Japan Forum

Talkback Classroom provides a forum for Australian senior secondary school students to record interviews with leading decision makers in Australia. The 08 Australian-Japan Talkback Classroom will be held at the National Press Club of Australia, Canberra.

15-May-08 $36,018
Dr Sonia Mycak, University of Sydney. Australian Studies Distance Education Program.

The aim of this project is to design, develop and deliver courses in Australian studies for university students in the Tokai area of Japan (Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka prefectures). Funds are provided for the scoping phase of the project, and the initial development of teaching materials.

15-May-08 $33,000
Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia: Australia-Japan demographic and labour studies research projects. Australia-Japan demographic and labour studies research projects.

Funds are provided for two separate, bilateral research projects to be overseen by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA). 1) Assessing the distributional impacts of policy change and an ageing population; and 2) the effects of vocational education on the productivity of older workers.

15-May-08 $24,750
Associate Professor Thiru Aravinthan, University of Southern Queensland Two-day workshop on the use of fibre composites in civil infrastructure, and prospects for future Australia-Japan R&D collaboration in this field.

The funds are provided to cover costs associated with the promotion, two key-note speakers travel and publication of proceedings for a two-day Australia-Japan workshop on the use of fibre composites in civil infrastructure to be held in Toowoomba in December 08.

15-May-08 $27,500
Doshisha University/University of Melbourne. Contemporary Australian literature symposium and book launch. Contemporary Australian literature symposium and book launch.

Funds are provided for the simultaneous translation of a symposium on contemporary Australian literature, including the launch of the collection, Contemporary Australian Short Stories: Reflections on Multicultural Society, co-edited by Kate Darian-Smith (The University of Melbourne) and Yasue Arimitsu (Doshisha University) to be held at: Daikanyama, Hillside Forum, Art Front Gallery, Tokyo on 30-31 May 08.

15-May-08 $5,000

Society and Culture (including Community Grants under $10,000)

Asialink Strategic Ties for the Arts Initiative - Australia-Japan visual arts program.

The second year of a program aimed at promoting Australian visual arts in Japan, including through forums, exhibitions and curatorial exchanges.

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6-Dec-07 $55,000
Dr Ian Pfennigworth Research towards scholarly biography of Sam Stening, Australian Naval POW Doctor.

Archival research and interviews to produce a biography of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Sam Stening - a prominent Australian naval surgeon - in which his experiences and observations of life as a PoW of the Japanese will form a prominent part.

6-Dec-07 $15,000
Ms Linda Miley The Life and Legacy of Tomitaro Fujii: Japanese Pearl Diver of the Torres Strait.

Oral history interviews and research into the life of Tomitaro Fujii to be undertaken in the islands of the Torres Strait, Canberra and the Kushimoto area of the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan.

6-Dec-07 $22,000
Assoc Professor Les Terry, School of Social Sciences, Victoria University From Matsuyama To The Mallee: A Research/Cultural Industries Project on the Life Of The Takasuka Family in the Victorian Mallee 1905-

Scholarly research on a Japanese family which migrated to the Victorian Mallee in 1906 to help build the Takasuka Collection at the Swan Hill Museum.

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6-Dec-07 $11,000
Mr Adrian Ahern, President National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies (NFAJS). Capacity building for the NFAJS.

Improved range and quality of NFAJS activity in Australia and Japan, including through a census of members, website development, supporting new societies, building ties with Japanese counterparts, and the development of an on line and hard copy national newsletter.

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6-Dec-07 $33,000
Mr Adrian Ahern, President -National Federation of Australia Japan Societies (NFAJS).. National Federation of Australia Japan Societies Biennial Conference in Coffs Harbour in 08.

Support for the NFAJS Biennial Conference in 08, including participation by regional and youth members.

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6-Dec-07 $11,000
Mr Andrew Pike, Ronin Productions Documentary film - Emily in Japan.

The production of a feature length documentary film on "Emily in Japan" (the curatorial process behind the solo exhibition of the works of Australian Indigenous artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye in Japan from February to July 08.

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6-Dec-07 $33,000
National Museum of Australia. Utopia Room - Emily Kngwarreye Exhibition Education Program.

Curatorial work, promotion and public lectures associated with the Emily exhibition including the production of video footage and sourcing objects from central Australia for display.

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6-Dec-07 $132,000
Mr Michael J. Di Stasio, Rock Challenge Japan. Global Rock Challenge - Japan.

To consolidate the introduction of the Australian "Rock Eisteddfod" model to Japan (a secondary school dance, drama and design spectacular).

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6-Dec-07 $20,000
Dr Sandra Wilson, Murdoch University. Scholarly publication entitled, Basil Archer's Diary - An Australian in occupied Japan.

To prepare, publish, launch and promote the diary of Mr Basil Archer, an Australian who served in the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan in 1946-47.

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6-Dec-07 $4,235
Ms Donna Kelly and Mr Kyle Barnes. Wicked Step Sisters - Stepping Up Sister City Relationships.

Australian journalist will report on Australia-Japan sister city relationships, including each area's economic and social interaction for Australian metropolitan and regional press.

6-Dec-07 $9,000
Australian Rugby Union. Support for Japan Rugby Football Union, including referee/match official development.

A joint venture between Australian Rugby Union (ARU) and the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) to place two Australian professional referees and match officials in Japan for two months. The two associations also plan to conduct a two-day workshop on the development of JRFU to help align its structure and operations with other professional unions in the world.

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6-Dec-07 $11,000
Japan Rugby League Promotion of Rugby League in Japan through friendship between Japanese and Australian Rugby League groups.

The project aims to raise awareness of the sports of Rugby League and Oz Tag in Japan among spectators and players, and to allow the Japan Rugby League a better platform from which to find and develop new players for both sports.

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6-Dec-07 $5,000
Professor Doune Macdonald, University of Queensland, School of Human Movement Studies. International Association of Physical Education in Higher Education.

A travel grant to enable both Australian and Japanese undergraduate and postgraduate students to attend the World Congress jointly hosted by the University of Tsukuba and The University of Queensland in January 08. The theme of the Congress is Sport pedagogy research, policy and practice: International perspectives in physical education and sports coaching.

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6-Dec-07 $11,000
Callaghan College, NSW Sister school link with Kushiro Meiki High School.

The development of environmental or other educational resource materials to exchange with their Japanese counterparts.

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6-Dec-07 $5,500
Professor Todd Walker, University of Ballarat. Australia-Japan Cytotechnology Network.

A travel grant to enable A/Prof Walker to attend the Spring Conference of the Japanese Society of Cytotechnology in Tokyo in June 08. During the visit, A/Prof Walker will hold discussions with members of Japanese Society of Cytotechnology on the educational resources of the Australian Society of Cytology with a view to developing a common online environment accessible by members of both societies.

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6-Dec-07 $9,680
Dr Kumi Kato, Lecturer, School of languages and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Queensland A Public Forum on Australia-Japan Inter-Cultural Dialogue on Sustainable Design: City, Place and Peaceful Space.

A public forum on sustainable design, specifically focusing on public space to coincide with a public art project - the installation of waterharp and soundgarden in the Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane - in August 08.

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6-Dec-07 $10,923
Ms Helenka King, Festival Manager, Melbourne Writers' Festival 08 Melbourne Writers' Festival - Focus on Japan.

The promotion of Japanese literature and culture through the participation of two Japanese-based authors, Ryu Murakami and David Peace, in live interviews, debates, master classes and panel discussions at the 08 Melbourne Writers' Festival.

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6-Dec-07 $9,715
Ms Jane McKay, Red Griffin Art. Abstract painting exhibition of works by Australian artist Jane McKay.

A solo exhibition of Jane McKay's paintings in conjunction with the Kyoto Society of Inter-Art Exchange (Art Forum JARFO) at its Kyoto gallery in May 08.

More Information

6-Dec-07 $4,862
Professor Kate Darian-Smith, University of Melbourne Contemporary Australian Writing: a one day symposium (incorporating book launch).

A symposium on contemporary Australian literature, which will feature the launch of the collection Contemporary Australian Short Stories: Reflections on Multicultural Society, co-edited by Kate Darian-Smith (The University of Melbourne) and Yasue Arimitsu (Doshisha University and published by Gendai-Kikakushitsu Publishers: Tokyo (forthcoming May 08).

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6-Dec-07 $8,760
Japan Parliamentary Debate Union. Australia Japan Debaters Spring Seminar.

Four Australian debaters will coach Japanese teams at a three-day debating seminar and adjudication seminar in Tokyo in March 08.

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6-Dec-07 $10,000
Japan Association for Promotion of International Understanding (JAPIU). Train the Teachers:- TESOL (The teaching of English to speakers of other languages).

A 14-day training program for Japanese teachers who teach English at primary schools. The training will be provided by Griffith University English Language Institute, Centre for Applied Linguistics and Languages. The program includes inspection visits to Australian schools, experiences in Australian culture through home stays and other events, as well as learning Australia's superior methods and ideas of TESOL program.

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6-Dec-07 $10,000
Japan-Australia Business Cooperation Committee (JABCC). Japan-Australia Business Co-Operation Committee Symposium: Japanese Energy & Food Security - The Role OF Australia.

The symposium, including a keynote speech and a panel discussion followed by reception for over 100 delegates, aims to inform and promote awareness of the current state of and prospects for Japanese resources and food security, and the role the Australia-Japan FTA would play in Japan's energy and food security.

More Information

6-Dec-07 $9,470
Japanese recipients TBA AJF Achievement Awards.

To recognise Japanese citizens who have made a significant contribution to enhancing Australia-Japan relations. Recipients are awarded a certificate and a gift at a ceremony at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

More Information

6-Dec-07 $2,000
Ms Akiko Kato
Japanese Junior Wheelchair Basketball Association
"Day of Difference" Games.

The Japanese Junior Wheelchair Basketball Team's participation in the "Day of Difference" Games at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narabeen.

More Information

16-Aug-07 $7,000
A/Prof. Brian Atwell, Macquarie University Plant Anaerobiosis

Presentation by A/Professor Brian Atwell at the Ninth International Society of Plant Anaerobiosis meeting in Japan on 17-24 November 2007.

More Information

16-Aug-07 $4,700
Dr Sonia Mycak, Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney Australia: Land And Nation: Intensive Course for University Students from Japan.

Support for a 17-day summer intensive residential Australian studies course at the University of Sydney which commenced in 2003. The course provides an introduction to Australia history and culture. Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu; Gifu University, Gifu; and Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo offer their students credits for successfully completing the course.

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16-Aug-07 $11,000
National Gallery of Australia: Black Robe White Mist Exhibition Catalogue

Black Robe White Mist: art of the Japanese Buddhist nun Rengetsu displays ceramics, scroll paintings and poem sheets created by Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875) and her close collaborators.

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22-May-07 $30,000
Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) Australia Japan Maritime Archaeology Project.

A travel grant to allow a delegation of three AIMA members to visit Japan to participate in a symposium hosted by ARIUA to discuss site-related maritime archaeological issues and approaches.

22-May-07 $5,000
Patrick Togher Artists' Management Auditions for leading Australian and Japanese operatic performers

The project involves a visit to Sydney by Mr Ken Iijima, Chief Administrator (Opera), New National Theatre of Tokyo to attend performances by Opera Australia at the Sydney Opera House, and hold auditions at Opera Australia's headquarters. Mr Patrick Togher will then visit Tokyo to observe performances by the New National Theatre of Tokyo (NNTT) and audition leading Japanese singers.

15-May-08 $18,046
Warwick District Football Association Kumiyama-Warwick youth football exchange

Funds are provided to help off-set the airfares, accommodation, insurance and meals for a team of 16 players and three officials. The Warwick Youth Football Team has been invited by the Mayor of Kumiyama Town to visit Japan to play matches, visit Kumiyama Junior School and participate in cultural activities and other events.

15-May-08 $11,000
Fr Grant Morrow 10th Nippon Agoonoree (Jamboree for children with special needs)

Funds are provided to offset the tour costs for a delegation of 27 Australians scouts and their leaders to travel to Japan. Australian Scouts (both able bodied and disabled) will camp together for five days and share in a home stay before spending a week touring Japan. The Scout Association of Japan is the main organiser of the jamboree.

15-May-08 $11,000
The Norwood Volleyball Club of South Australia The Norwood Volleyball Club/Neo Zeon of Muika-machi Community Exchange

Funds are provided to the Norwood Volleyball Club to offset the airfares for the 12-member Australian delegation to play with Japanese school teams and to give a volleyball coaching clinic to them in October 08.

Norwood Bears Japan Exchange 08
Australian Volleyball Team Visits IUJ

15-May-08 $11,000
Mr Stuart Wall, Principal, Prospect High School Prospect High School - Tsuga Junior High Cultural Exchange

Funds are provided to off-set costs associated with the program of activities for the participating students from a Tasmanian high school and its Japanese counterpart in Tsuga. Groups of 12-15 students will participate in 10 day reciprocal visits in June and August 08. The visits include home-stay experiences with families from the school communities, participation in each others' school programs and local excursions.

15-May-08 $11,000
Dr Michael Fowler, RMIT The Japanese garden as a model for eco-structuralist sound design

The project involves making sound recordings of two Japanese gardens and developing a sound installation with an accompanying electro-acoustic performance at Joei-ji sub-temple in Yamaguchi.

15-May-08 $5,834
Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art Art as a Bridge: Exhibition of works by Ms Selena Ou.

Funds are provided to allow an Australian resident artist/photographer, Selina Ou, to participate in the 'Bridge from Oyamazaki' art exhibition in which three contemporary visual artists carry out artist in residence in Oyamazaki, and create and present new art works in their relation to this area and its history.

15-May-08 $8,000
Cowra Japanese Garden Cowra Japanese Garden -Garden/ Cultural Exchange Program

Funds are provided to allow the head gardener at the Cowra gardens to visit Japan in April 2009. It will lead to the establishment of an annual exchange between the Cowra Japanese Garden and the Tokyo metropolitan government and consolidated garden research staff of Japan. It will also enable the staff at the Cowra Gardens to be effectively trained in the maintenance of Japanese style gardens.

15-May-08 $11,000

* Includes the Government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10%